Slot tips and best strategies

Do you want to play?

The world of slots keeps many secrets. Today, there are about a hundred methods of how to keep your bankroll and not be left with nothing.

We have prepared an overview of the most popular strategies and online slots tips to help you play more consciously and professionally.

Strategy «50 spins»

This technique consists of gradually increasing the bet over 50 spins. In the absence of any winnings, the slot must be changed.

This tactic is based on the following belief: if you catch a win, the machine will give it in the first 20-30 spins.

It is best to check the action of slots tips on video slots with adaptive mathematics, for example, Microgaming or Playtech.

Strategy «10 spins»

If after 10 spins the bankroll is less than the initial one, you need to increase the bet and make another 10 spins. If the balance exceeds the initial one, you can safely switch to another device.

Strategy for raising rates while waiting for a bonus

Let’s consider it with a specific example:

  1. The player’s balance is CAD 100 and starts with the minimum bet.
  2. After 2-3 spins, it slightly raises the bet by 5-10 spins, then raises it and waits for a bonus.
  3. After receiving the promotion, the player returns to the minimum beta again, because there is no need to wait for a new bonus right away.

For many gamblers, these are the best online slots tips. We also recommend playing and practicing and playing for fun.